Who We Are

Wealth network solutions are a UK based marketing consultancy that specialise in introducing a network of FCA regulated financial advisors to the right individuals. Helping individuals speak to the right financial advisor is what we specialise in whether it is for a pension review or an investment portfolio and everything in between. We will put you in touch with the right person.Here at wealth network solutions we pride ourselves on the work that we do, which means that we do our own due diligence on all the FCAregulated companies that we refer to. If they do not meet our requirements we do not take them on as clients, as it is imperative to us that all our clients are happy short and long term. We network so you don’t have to.

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Why Should You Get A Insurance Review?

Find out how you could optimist your cover

For a free review, simply call 0800 567 7741

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Why Should You Get A Pension Review?

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How To Get Your Free Review?

The Application Process

Initially, sign/fill the letter of authority (LOA). This gives the financial advisor the authority to only request information from your pension providers.


The financial advisor will then contact your pension providers and request information relating to charges that you are currently incurring for the funds you are invested within your pension, along with the performance and any benefits and even guarantees that you are entitled to, and any further information that could affect your pension and retirement.

Your Objectives

This is one of the most important parts of the process, as it looks at you as an individual and any commitments or dependants that you have. An initial phone call is made to you to assess your financial objectives, aims and attitude to risk. This will enable the financial advisor to get an idea about where you currently are and where you need to be, come retirement.

Tailor The Report

The financial advisor will then tailor an initial report providing you with a number of options based on your financial needs and objectives with your risk appetite taken into account. The financial advisor will contact you to go through your options; the report will also make recommendations with a view to reducing your overall charges and /or improving performance.

Contact centre

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