About Us

Wealth network solutions are a UK based marketing consultancy that specialise in introducing a network of FCA regulated financial advisors to individuals. Helping individuals speak to the right financial advisor about everything from pensions to investments.

Here at Wealth Network Solutions we pride ourselves on the work that we do as there are thousands of financial advisors out there it becomes a bit overwhelming to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. We as a company do our own due diligence on these financial advisors who are operating. And only if they meet our requirements are they accepted on to our panel.

The director of the company has had a very successful career in the financial marketing industry the network that has been up over his career is now available to you. This means that even the most modest pension can be invested with some of the best financial advisors who normally have a minimum entry level for their clients. We here at wealth network solutions have broken those barriers and have made the market in to a truly open market for individual at all levels.