Life Insurance

How would your family cope financially if the unexpected were to happen? The harsh, unfortunate reality is that when you die, many of your family’s financial commitments will remain long after you are gone. Life Insurance pays out a sum of money to your family or a nominated person when you die. You can either take out Term Life Insurance for a fixed number of years; or Whole of Life Insurance for the rest of your life.

Should I Consider Life Insurance?

As life changes, so does your insurance requirements. You should consider a free Life insurance quote/review if you meet the following criteria:

1. You have no life insurance and have recently started a family. You now have a child/children who rely on you, and should anything happen to you, it would put tremendous pressure on your partner to provide for the family on their own.

2. You have life insurance taken out many years ago in order to satisfy mortgage requirements. You now have a family, and your children and partners’ welfare to consider should anything happen to you –is your cover adequate?

3. You have life insurance taken 15 years ago but the amount of cover, due to inflation and/or a change in your or your family’s standard of living, would not be adequate should anything happen to you.

4. You have life insurance that is adequate, but no critical illness cover. If your family is reliant upon your income what would happen if you were unable to work, and that income stopped? Do you have the assets to keep your family protected?