Pension Review

According to age UK, 1 in 7 pensioners live under the poverty line. This is mainly due to failing to plan for retirement, or making plans far too late. We are here to point you in the right direction and help you every step of the way to ensure that life after retirement will be as free of stress as possible.


The value of your pension can be significantly impacted by the performance of your pension. Many older scheme pensions are poorly managed an fail to deliver even average returns. Wealth Network Solutions are here to help, boasting some of the UK’s best performing financial advisors. We exist to find solutions for wealth appreciation and protection.


Most people are unaware of the various different charges that occur on their pensions. Furthermore individuals with 2 or more pensions will discover many of these charges are replicated, meaning they are paying the same charges, multiple times. A free review will opens the door to modern pension schemes, providing significantly cheaper charges and transparent fee structures.


Most pensions are not tailored to meet the individual’s needs and risk criteria. Wealth Network Solutions source the very best Financial Advisors, who individually asses and recommend a portfolio based on your risk profile.


Wealth Network Solutions only recommend FCA regulated firms to conduct pension reviews for our clients, for your own protection and security. Furthermore all funds are distributed amongst top-performing funds, including name such as JP Morgan, Barclays, Aberdeen Asset Management, Blackrock, HSBC, L&G, and many more.